stap1In the most recent election, residents in Massachusetts, California, and Nevada all voted to approve recreational marijuana use for adults. Recreational legalization was on the ballot in Arizona as well, but voters chose not to make marijuana legal for recreational purposes in that state. With the number of new states legalizing marijuana for recreational use, the cannabis labeling and packaging laws continue to evolve. Here are the current packaging laws for Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington.


Arizona recently voted on Proposition 205, which was to legalize recreational cannabis in the state. This initiative was shot down in the November election. Therefore, in Arizona, marijuana remains legal only for medical purposes. Arizona law for medical marijuana currently requires that cannabis be packaged in child-resistant packaging.


California voters approved Proposition 64 on November 8th, making recreational marijuana legal in the Golden State. Prior to Tuesday, marijuana was only legal for medical purposes. As a result of the legalization of recreational use, packaging laws are likely to change in the state. Currently, medical cannabis must be manufactured in child-resistant packaging and must not be attractive to children. In addition, manufacturers are required to include specific information printed on the labels in clear, legible font. For more information on California’s requirements, see this handout by the California Department of Justice.


Medical and recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado for some time now. The packaging requirements state that cannabis products must be placed in a container that is:
  • Child-resistant or placed in child-resistant exit packaging
  • Closeable, if not intended for single use
  • Opaque
  • Does not appeal to children
In addition, Colorado law requires that the labeling makes no misleading or false information about health benefits to the consumer. The labeling must also include a variety of warning statements according to Colorado regulations, which can be found here.


Recreational marijuana use was just approved in Nevada as well. Therefore, similar to California, the packaging requirements will likely change. The current requirements for medical marijuana require cannabis products:
  • Be in child-resistant packaging.
  • Be packaged in plastic that is at least four millimeters thick if the products are in liquid or solid or form.
  • Be heat-sealed in a package that is not easy for a child to open.
  • In liquid form be sealed with a metal crown cork-style cap.
  • Must be protected from contamination if they are edible.
All marijuana products must be properly labeled in English in accordance with Nevada law. For specific labeling information, please see Nevada’s guidelines for medical use of marijuana.

Washington State

Marijuana has been legal for medical and recreational purposes for a few years now. The state has strict packaging laws. Products must be in child-resistant packaging. In addition, there are a number of specific warnings that must be included on marijuana packaging in the state. Please see the Washington Administrative Code for more information.

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