40 Dram ContainerWhen it comes to providing quality product for your clients, growing cannabis is only half the battle. You must also deliver the product to them in a timely and secure manner. Proper packaging is the key to accomplishing this last task. Here are a few solid tips from the pros on the essentials of cannabis packaging: Develop a noteworthy package – The first step in quality packaging is to find a look that works for your product. Anything from bottles to mylar bags to joint tubes can work as long as the packaging is identifiable as your own and relatively inexpensive to produce. Also be sure to comply with any local, state and federal laws when it comes to child-resisting your product or you will quickly find yourself without a legal market. Label it with a unique brand identifier – It may seem wise at first to give your product a clever name that trades on another company’s logo and catchphrase, but, this is an ultimately flawed packaging strategy. If you are even reasonably successful, lawyers will come knocking. Cannabis distributors that engage in “consumer confusion” are only asking for trouble in the long run. It is simply much better to establish your own brand identity and reinforce it with a quality product. Always follow appropriate laws – In general, this means packaging your cannabis product in opaque, re-sealable, child-resistant packaging when the product leaves the premises.  Do not disregard this aspect of packaging, as a single misstep could mean the demise of your enterprise. For further information on the best practices in marijuana packaging, please contact us at cannacontainers.com

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