shutterstock_74319715Kiva Confections produces tasteful marijuana packaging that raises the bar. Here are 3 lessons that marijuana packagers’ can learn from Kiva.

As more states legalize marijuana – now a billion dollar industry – designers must use their skills to create packaging that is both high-end and meets strict marijuana packaging laws. When Texas-based designer Nathan Sharp decided to create marijuana packaging for Kiva Confections -a line of cannabis-infused gourmet chocolates, cookies and brownies made by expert chocolatiers – he decided to create a package that looked elegant and grown-up. Here are some important lessons from Kiva’s packaging.

Produce Packaging That is Tasteful

The demand for gourmet cannabis edibles is expected to continue to rise, according to experts. As the demand for gourmet marijuana blooms, so will the demand for packaging that reflects the gourmet taste of the edibles contained within the packaging. For Kiva Confections, Sharp choose packaging that is consistent with a rising demand. His packaging is both beautiful and sophisticated. The packaging reflects less of the weed culture and appears more like artisanal chocolate you would buy at Whole Foods.

Make Sure That You Are Compliant With the Law

Sharp’s packaging is completely compliant with the necessary medicinal warnings that have to be listed on the front of the package for each state in which it is sold.

Make Packaging That Appeals to Customers That Are New to Edibles

Much of the demand for edibles will likely be from novice users. In fact, according to The Denver Post, during the first year of legal recreational marijuana sales, the demand for marijuana-infused edibles surprised industry leaders. Much of this demand came from novice users. Many of these users were unaware that one cookie or piece of candy can contain 10 times the recommended amount of the psychoactive chemical in marijuana, THC. Therefore, to prevent overdose by beginners, it is important to include dosing information on the packaging. Sharp did just that for Kiva Confections’ products. On the packaging of these tasteful cannabis-infused chocolates is the breakdown of correct dosing, taking the guessing out of edibles consumption. In addition, the potency of the candy bar’s tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC content is clearly marked on the front of the box. These important features make Kiva’s packaging perfect for customers that are new to using cannabis edibles. For more packaging tips, or to discover the latest trends in cannabis packaging stay tuned to our blog.  

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