As more and more states across the country continue to legalize the use of marijuana, the range of users has greatly widened.  However, the shift is slowly wearing off as many of the users are discovering that not all cannabis is created equal.  Most of these canna-curious consumers now understand that there is a variance between low and high-quality cannabis. The only problem is that they do not know how to quickly and easily distinguish between the two. In this regard, Good Chemistry Nurseries has developed a tool to help both novice and connoisseur cannabis users evaluate quality cannabis. The new tool “S.T.A.T.S” is a five-step process similar to that of evaluating wine. S.T.A.T.S Explained   The abbreviation S.T.A.T.S stands for sight, touch, aroma, taste, and sensation. According to experts, these five parameters form the essential aspects of the cannabis flower. Sight: Before making a purchase, it is vital to recognize the visual indicators of quality cannabis. Some important aspects include:

  • The trichome content: The greater the number of trichomes on the flower the higher the quality. These tiny crystal-like resin glands appear frosty and shimmer in the light.
  • Color: Color is a strong indicator of high-quality cannabis. Healthy color shades can range from green, purple, orange, light yellow and silver-grey (when trichomes are in abundance).
  • Other aspects include the trim, size, and shape of the flower. Although variety in size and shape is a worthy indicator, it’s impossible to entirely determine quality from these factors due to the characteristics of different flower strains.
Touch: Touching the flower can aid in assessing the moisture, density, and the cure. Things to look for include:
  • Bounce back:  After squeezing, it bounces back to original shape when released.
  • Sticky feel: Should leave a sticky feel on your fingers.
  • Snapping: The internal stem should snap as an indication of proper curing
Aroma: Every marijuana strain has a distinctive smell. The distinctiveness can be used to differentiate between high and poor quality cannabis. Quality cannabis flower aromas mimic those of diesel fuel, skunk, fruit, cheese, and earthy. Some aromas from low-quality cannabis include mold, hay, wet grass, and old socks. Taste: Flavor profiles vary with different strains. As with wine tasting, the experience is essential in differentiating between the different flavors. The aroma also plays a vital part in determining the flavor. Good quality flavor should be pleasant and enjoyable. Sensation: The range of sensations emanating from consuming cannabis makes it one the most sought after products. The sensations may include feeling high, pleasurable, warm and tingly. For those who use it for medicinal purposes, it relieves anxiety, convulsions, and nausea and inhibits cancer cell growth. Like most farmed produce, not all medical cannabis is the same. Therefore, if you are buying cannabis and are having different experiences, you should consider re-evaluating your quality check skills. Stay tuned to Canna Containers for more industry news and insider tips.

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