shutterstock_358853648Legal cannabis is poised to become one of the United States’ largest industries. The marijuana industry is growing in legitimacy and spawning several satellite industries such as cannabis packaging. In particular, the need for sustainable packaging has rapidly grown in popularity. Sustainable Packaging Solutions Sustainable packaging is quickly going mainstream throughout the cannabis industry. Packaging suppliers that emphasize innovation are separating themselves from the pack. A growing number of these progressive companies are moving away from plastics in favor of more sustainable packaging solutions like rugged substrates that are child-resistant, tear-resistant and tamper-proof. Resealable, Sustainable Designs are the Wave of the Future Imagine a situation in which a toddler grabs his father’s medicinal marijuana edible, tears off the package top and eats the cannabis-infused brownie inside the packaging. This is the type of nightmare scenario that new-age packaging companies must prevent from becoming reality. There is a growing push for completely child-resistant, plastic-free, green packaging for marijuana products. These companies are banking on consumers’ ever-increasing desire for plastic-free packaging that can’t be opened by curious youngsters. There is also an appealing element to packaging with a re-closable design that can be used for other purposes once the cannabis product has been consumed. This re-closable feature is a savvy business tactic as it keeps the packaging company’s brand highly visible. It is quite the contrast to plastic-based packaging that is used once and thrown out as it can’t be resealed and consequently re-used. CannaContainers Those in search of a shining example of progressive packaging need not look any further than CannaContainers. The company’s packaging solutions are flawless in terms of function and form. CannaContainers packaging is subtly crafted to enhance each client’s idiosyncratic brand. The company’s packaging material is CPSC certified and affordably priced. What really distinguishes CannaContainers is the dexterity of its packaging. If a particular product requires a specific style of packaging like a mylar bag, jar, silicon container, child-resistant eyedropper or an all-glass encasement, CannaContainers has the solution. The company even goes as far as customizing containers to meet the unique needs of each client. For example, if a product supplier requires an orange-colored tubular packaging solution with its brand name and logo prominently featured, CannaContainers can make it happen. It only takes the CannaContainers team 24 hours to supply a customized bid package proposal that includes a mockup of the client’s prospective packaging, complete with its color, logo/text and other stylistic elements. The CannaContainers team includes experienced attorneys to ensure the company’s marijuana packaging products are fully compliant with the law. This matter is not to be overlooked as the need for cannabis-appropriate packaging is growing at a rapid rate.

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