shutterstock_307948373For Cannabis enthusiasts in Canada, 2017 might be a great year if the current push for legalizing recreational Cannabis succeeds. Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime minister, believes that legalization of cannabis for recreational use is widely beneficial in two ways. First, the government will gain control over sale points, a move aimed at protecting young people. Second, if recreational cannabis is legalized, the government will take away the revenue gained by these gangs through marijuana sale, hence weaken organized crime in Canada. As Trudeau strives to fulfill his promise, legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada could be a historical game changer for other states interested in taking the plunge. As speculations point out that Canadians will vote for the legalization of recreational cannabis in the next 15 months, the need to get facts right continues to surge. According to Trudeau, decriminalization of Cannabis would only ease the lives of drug dealers and put the young people at risk. Indeed, legalization goes handily with regulation. As things are currently, crime organizations thrive out of the illegal sale of marijuana. Trudeau believes that seizing the industry away from these gangs (through legalization) will disenfranchise them, redeem the negative image they’ve tainted on marijuana, and save young people who associate cannabis with crime, which is not always the case. However, working to legalize recreational cannabis would be tilting at windmills if clear policies aren’t formulated at international and domestic levels. At the international front, Canada is already bound by international treaties which criminalize the production and possession of Cannabis. If the move to legalize recreation cannabis has to proceed, then Canada should be ready to elaborate its plans to conform to the treaties. Domestically, the provinces seem reluctant, and cutting through the clutter requires a heap of honest discussions between policymakers and provincial administrators. It’s surprising that if voting was the only way to get recreational Cannabis legalized, marijuana would have had its way ages ago. A huge Canada population, including non-smokers, believes that legalization of cannabis is more beneficial than its decriminalization. There would be fewer arrests, more taxes, and fewer money wastages. Marijuana-related business owners would not have to hide at the mention of the cops. When these businesses flourish, the country will certainly enjoy increased employment opportunities for the youth. As the legalization fate draws closer with every break of dawn, the seemingly complicated matter will soon see its end, with millions of Canadians vesting positive energy on Trudeau’s promise of ensuring weed is legalized during his term. Want to learn more about how cannabis is gaining ground throughout the US and Canada?  Stay tuned to  

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