shutterstock_195620264-1In August, the Drug Enforcement Administration, also known as the DEA, announced that marijuana will remain a Schedule I drug, which keeps it illegal at the federal level. In spite of the federal government’s decision to keep marijuana illegal, nearly half of the US has already legalized marijuana for either recreational or medical use. In November, 5 more states will vote on whether or not to approve marijuana for recreational use. The trend of states legalizing marijuana is likely to put pressure on the federal government to reconsider its ban. Here is a look at the five states that are voting on recreational marijuana use in November.


On November 8th, Arizona voters will choose whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana via  Proposition 205. If Proposition 205 is passed, residents ages 21 and older would be able to purchase marijuana products for recreational use.

Will It Pass?

Proposition 205 will probably be shot down in the November election, reports Business Insider.  Republican Governor Doug Ducey is opposed to the bill. Although, Arizona’s demographics are changing, Arizona is a Republication state and will likely vote in opposition to the bill.


California’s Proposition 64 proposes to legalize marijuana for recreational use for those 21 and older. Proposition 64 is a big deal as it means that the entire West Coast of the United States will have legalized recreational marijuana use. California is the world’s sixth largest economy.

Will It Pass?

As an overwhelming majority of California residents support legalization, the chances are very good that California voters will pass Proposition 64 in November’s election.


In Maine, voters will decide whether or not to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational use for residents ages 21 and older.

Will It Pass?

Although Maine already allows medical marijuana and is a Democratic state, prior legalization efforts have failed. Nonetheless, this time around it looks like the bill will pass with overwhelming support. Over $1 million was already raised to get marijuana legalized in Maine.


Question 4 seeks to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Massachusetts. The measure will be voted on November 8.

Will It Pass?

It is uncertain whether Question 4 will pass in November. Although Massachusetts is a Democratic state, leaders from both parties oppose legalization. In spite of this, the majority of Massachusetts voters support Question 4. Also, the measure to legalize medical use was passed by a large margin in Massachusetts.


In November, Nevada residents will vote on Question 2, which is a bill that seeks to legalize recreational marijuana use for people ages 21 and older in the state.

Will It Pass?

Question 2 will not likely pass in Nevada. Outside of Las Vegas, most of the state is very conservative and rural. In addition, legislators are not in favor of the bill.  Democratic Senator Harry Reid said he opposes legalization and Republican Governor Brian Sandoval opposes the bills, as well. Stay tuned to CannaContainers for more information on industry news and tips.  

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